Experience and practice acquired at home and abroad, allowed us to conduct transport at the highest level. We focus on timely loading, good contact and individual approach to the order.


We fulfill all European standards concerning the quality and safety in cars transport, guaranteeing customers satisfaction.

Main directions of our activities: France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany.


Our still growing fleet consists of young vehicles, which age doesn’t exceed 5 years, and European standards of the exhaust emission meet the requirements of current Euro 5 standards.

On a one-off we are able to transport up to 10 cars, which are protected and checked in the load course.

At any time we can determine where your car is! Thanks to GPS monitoring systems we are able to provide a location of every transport with accuracy up to 10 m.


Best drivers work for us, highly qualified for proper loading and goods transport in the European Union countries.

Company competence also confirms the license for national and international transport as well as certificates obtained by our employees of professional competence, issued by the Motor Transport Institute.


We invite producers, dealers, importers and car rentals for the cooperation.